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Press Release
    Budapest, 26 February, 2020 (OTS) - Kedrion issues this press release to set the record straight regarding certain inaccurate and, in some cases, defamatory statements made recently in the Hungarian media concerning human blood plasma. Without speculating as to the purpose of these media statements, Kedrion seeks to improve the accuracy of the public discourse surrounding this issue by calling attention to the facts set out below.

        1.    There is a surplus of human blood plasma collected by the National Blood Transfusion Service ("NBTS" - in Hungarian: Országos Vérellátó Szolgálat) in Hungary even beyond therapeutic use in hospitals. This surplus - which is defined in Hungarian legal terminology as "industrial plasma" - can be the source of precious pharmaceutical product.

     2.    Kedrion's Hungarian subsidiary, HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. is the only manufacturer in Hungary which is capable of turning industrial plasma into medications.

     3.    Since 2008, NBTS, a state budget entity, has sold its surplus industrial plasma to HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. (and not to Kedrion) for processing, otherwise pursuant to a previous agreement between NBTS and TEVA Gyógyszergyár Zrt., which agreement was assigned to HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. kept paying a market price set yearly by mutual agreement.

     4.    At the urging of Hungary's Government Control Office ("GCO" - in Hungarian: Kormányzati Ellenőrzési Hivatal), NBTS interrupted this forwarding of industrial plasma to HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. in 2017. Since then, the plasma has been processed into medication outside Hungary.

     5.    Also, at the urging of the GCO, NBTS brought a compensation lawsuit for HUF 11.5 billion against HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. (but not Kedrion). The first instance court found against NBTS on every single ground of the claim. NBTS' appeal is pending.

     6.    Neither Kedrion, nor HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. is in financial distress, and we affirm that certainly neither of them is heading towards bankruptcy or insolvency of any sort. Kedrion and the wholly owned Hungarian subsidiary HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. are part of a solid group and among its shareholders there is an Italian government entity CDP Equity S.p.A.

     7.    It is simply untrue that Kedrion were in any quarrel with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US (see the latest at: https://www.kedrion.com/kedrion-announces-fda-approval-its-plasma-fractionation-facility-melville).

     8.    HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. and Kedrion always prioritized Hungarian demand for the medication produced from NBTS's industrial plasma. These medications were made available to Hungarian patients at fair prices. Beyond the economic benefits to Hungary of Hungarian industrial plasma being processed into medications at a facility within Hungary until 2017, it resulted in medical scientific benefits too. It is therefore untrue that either NBTS or Hungary would have suffered any loss from this long-term deal.

     9.    HUMAN BioPlazma Kft.  and Kedrion was always available and ready to cooperate with the government of Hungary and its agencies.

     10.    HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. and Kedrion refrain and will remain away from engaging in the press and media commotion and will always remain faithful to its primary mission: to secure patients care.

Corporate information:

HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. is the Hungarian subsidiary of the Italy-based Kedrion Biopharma, existing since 2007. The Kedrion Group's main pharmaceutical company, Kedrion S.p.A. is active in 100+ countries and employs more than 2,600 people at 4 production sites worldwide (2 in Italy, 1 in US and 1 in Hungary) and is capable to process over 2 million liters of plasma per year. Kedrion S.p.A. purchased the business quota of TEVA Gyógyszergyár Zrt. held in HUMAN BioPlazma (practically the biochemical branch of the TEVA Gödöllő plant) at the end of 2007.

HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. employs over 330 workers today in its production plant, logistic centre, and in its seven plasma centres collecting human blood plasma around Hungary. Kedrion S.p.A. invested more than HUF 12 billion in expansion and infrastructural development in Hungary in the last decade and HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. tripled the number of its employees.

The medicinal products of HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. and Kedrion Biopharma are stable blood derivatives which provide treatment for a number of different disorders such as haemophilia, angioedema, autoimmune and chronic neurological diseases and in critical care. The plasma-derived therapies manufactured by HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. are life-saving medicaments in 40-50 thousand cases every year in Hungary.

Further information: pressoffice_hu@kedrion.com


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